Parrot Birds Species we breed on Sale

  • Parrot Birds Species we breed on Sale


Back at the AAEXBF LTD we are presently breeding these different parrot species indicated below mostly for protection and conservation purposes especially the endangered species of the large parrot family; African (Poicephalus) Species: African Greys (Congo & Timneh) Brown Necked Cape Parrot Jardines Meyers Senegals Amazons: Blue Fronted Double Yellow Head Lillac Crown Orange Wing Panama Red Lored Specticled Yellow Crown Yellow Naped Yellow Shoulder Cockatoos: Bare Eyed Citron Crested Ducrop Goffins Major Mitchell Moluccan Palm Cockatoo Rose Breasted (Galah) Sulfur Crested Triton Umbrella If you are a breeder or an individual who will want to have a parrot tamed and trained as a companion, then you should check our available list now and get back to us with your full request and questions. You can contact us directly via Whatsapp +237681560012 or /

2,000 AED
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