Hand Feeding Newly Hatching Chicks-Parrots Species on Offer

  • Hand Feeding Newly Hatching Chicks-Parrots Species on Offer


Arab Afro Exotic Birds Aviary specializes in raising Hand fed parrot chicks. The Species we raise are; Solomon Island, Vosmaeri and Grand Eclectus, Congo African Greys, Cockatoos chicks, many speicies of Macaws, Senegals, Yellow-Naped Amazons. Please check our availability to see our current chicks. Our babies get lots of love and affection. They are sweet, friendly and well socialized in a clean, stress-free environment, ensuring that they will be happy, healthy parrots. Our first priority is to raise babies that will make loving pets. Being a small aviary, each and every parrot and chick receive superior care and the highest quality diet. Our philosophy is that healthy and happy parrots produce exceptional babies. All of our babies are fully weaned and are on a diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouts, mash, high quality pellets, nuts seeds and more. All babies are close banded. Hatch certificates and care sheets are provided. All of our babies are well socialized in our home with daily interaction. We are a closed aviary, so the parents aren't able to be shown to visitors. You can contact us directly via Whatsapp +237681560012 or abrabaafroexoticbirds@gmail.com http://arabaafroexoticbirdsfarm.nation2.com /

900 AED
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